Statement Crystals



Design philosophy

Ethereal is inspired by abstract art - we are especially inspired by geometric shapes, clean lines and primary palette seen in abstract art. We are especially inspired by one of abstract artists like Piet Mondrian, and S. H Raza.

The collection abstracts the celestial beauty of outer space, its stars, planets, asteroids, meteoroids, and other heavenly bodies into jewellery pieces.

We are using crystals with primary colors to create bold, maximal designs that give you ‘stars to wear’ for all your non-wedding needs.

Designed using precision-cut Swarovski crystals, with bold sparkling palette, and 18K gold plating, we have used jewels to create an interplay of light reflected and refracted from multiple facets to abstract the unreal beauty of spatial objects.

Through Ethereal, we offer maximal, statement jewellery that are a better substitute than traditional, elaborate ones, perfect for all non-wedding occasions (your get-togethers, and cocktail parties)!

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