Pearls Reimagined

Rosee De Cafe

Design philosophy

Rosée de café (meaning "Dew on Coffee") draws its inspiration from botanical art.

On a wintery misty morning, in a coffee plantation in Coorg, came the form inspiration of Rosée de Café ("Dew on Coffee"). Vaishnavi had seen the plantations many times before but this time she was amazed and won all over again by how the coffee bean plant appeared under the morning sun.

With colors of green, red and black, and with bunched coffee berry of different sizes, the coffee plant presented an interesting form for experimentation.

The decision of materials was also organic - the dew on the beans made the beans glisten, and only something smooth and shiny could do justice - pearls!

While we had always wanted to do a pearl collection, we wanted to reimagine the form and designs given how prominent and commonplace pearls are in the jewellery space. We hence, took the form inspiration from the coffee plant and created this collection - the coffee berry are abstracted with pearls and the plant branches have been reimagined in intricate gold forms. The glistening pearl and the gold texture additionally stood out as a captivating combination.

We welcome you to explore and experience this collection. We believe that Rosée de Café is well suited for occasions/ styling demanding elaborate designs but where you don’t want to go with the commonplace. It is for the pearl lovers, who want to wear pearls in different forms. If you are like us, it is also for the coffee lovers!

Tapasee Pannu in KONA EAR CUFFTapasee Pannu in KONA EAR CUFF
Best seller
Rosee BraceletRosee Bracelet

Rosee Bracelet

Rs. 8,000.00
Rosee Ear CuffRosee Ear Cuff

Rosee Ear Cuff

Rs. 5,500.00
Berries HoopBerries Hoop

Berries Hoop

Rs. 7,500.00
Berries BraceletBerries Bracelet

Berries Bracelet

Rs. 4,500.00
Mocha BraceletMocha Bracelet

Mocha Bracelet

Rs. 4,500.00
Kona Ear CuffKona Ear Cuff

Kona Ear Cuff

Rs. 9,000.00
Kent RingKent Ring

Kent Ring

Rs. 4,000.00
Java DropsJava Drops

Java Drops

Rs. 4,500.00
Mocha HoopsMocha Hoops

Mocha Hoops

Rs. 6,500.00
Rosee EarringRosee Earring

Rosee Earring

Rs. 8,500.00
Kona ChockerKona Chocker

Kona Chocker

Rs. 12,500.00
Kona EarringKona Earring

Kona Earring

Rs. 6,500.00
Mocha NecklaceMocha Necklace

Mocha Necklace

Rs. 6,500.00
Java RingJava Ring

Java Ring

Rs. 3,000.00
Robasta EarringRobasta Earring

Robasta Earring

Rs. 6,500.00
Gesha EarringGesha Earring

Gesha Earring

Rs. 6,500.00
Berries EarringBerries Earring

Berries Earring

Rs. 6,500.00
Arabica EarringArabica Earring

Arabica Earring

Rs. 4,500.00
Gesha RingGesha Ring

Gesha Ring

Rs. 4,500.00
Kent EarringKent Earring

Kent Earring

Rs. 4,000.00
Java StudsJava Studs

Java Studs

Rs. 3,000.00

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