Infinity Crystal Signature Earring - Multicoloured

Rs. 8,500.00

The 4 crystal earring, plated with 18k gold, fuses 4 majestic colors - peridot, topaz, light amethyst and rose. The four colors are distinct, sparking through precision-cut crystals, and yet in perfect harmony. This is an earring that will draw attention due to the multiple hues and keep that attention on you. 


Handcrafted in brass, with 18K gold plating, and sparkling precision-cut crystals from Austria.

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Our jewellery is crafted with the finest materials and requires special care similar to your other heirlooms to maintain their sparkle and original lustre. It is natural for gold plating to lose colour, and brass to tarnish with time, but these effects can be minimised significantly with the right care.

To extend the life of your Voyce jewellery as well as prevent any tarnishing and discolouration, it is important to follow the below instructions:

  1. Wear the jewellery after applying perfume, hairspray, lotions and makeup
  2. Avoid moisture and remove before bathing, swimming or exercising
  3. Store the jewellery is a cool, dry place away from harsh/ direct sunlight
  4. Avoid hard contact (e.g., knocking against objects) to avoid any scratches, chips or damages
  5. Clean the jewellery gently with a soft cloth, without rubbing
  6. When not in use, keep the jewellery in the original pouch/ bag provided at the time of purchase

With proper care and maintenance, your jewellery can shine and sparkle for years to come!

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